ProxIntelligent is a London based marketing agency specializing in innovative and engaging communication programs, promotions and campaigns. We help businesses to generate leads, engage customers, real-time statistics and visual report to understand their customers and increase businesses ROI and increase sales. In addition, we provide authorized members of an organization an access to our analytic platforms.

ProxIntelligent will also provide a customized design, look and feel of your Social Media Powered Wi-Fi and/or Mobile Wallet Loyalty Card campaigns and our Social QR code to create a custom branded experience for your customers.

We provide the following services to businesses globally:

  • Social Media Powered Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Mobile Wallet Loyalty
  • Social QR code marketing

Our Social Media Powered WiFi Hotspot and our Mobile Wallet Loyalty Program are connected to our secure and encrypted platform. Our platform 

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email check in for WiFi which will appear on their social feed increasing your
  • Engage your customers & generate leads
  • Real-time statistics and visual reports
  • Export &Sync all data
  • Customized campaigns
  • Identify customer habits
  • Set up automations
  • Increase App downloads
  • Mobile Wallet Loyalty program connected to GPS
  • Push notifications
  • Advertise on your own WiFi and generate leads on your own free WiFi.
  • Increase ”Like” & ”Share” by directing customers to your social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

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Telephone: 02039741051 or via our social media channels.


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